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Reminder: Identify your non-EU manufacturers

Are you an only representative? You have until 14 October to identify in REACH-IT the non-EU manufacturers that you represent.

Check out the video here:

Obsolete C&L notifications

If your account has both an active registration and an individual C&L notification for the same substance, the C&L notification is deemed obsolete due to the registration covering the C&L notification requirement. For this reason we have marked the individual C&L notifications reference status as 'Annulled' in REACH-IT. No action is required from you concerning this change.

News alert stopped for new compliance checks

Due to technical issues, we had to switch off the REACH-IT messages and email alerts concerning newly started compliance checks. Please find information on new compliance checks on ECHA webpage ‘Dossier Evaluation status’ by filtering for substance that have ‘Under assessment’ as status. The date displayed in the ‘Latest update’ column is most often the start date for a compliance check on the substance. You can also find information on newly opened compliance checks on the Joint submission page of the substance in REACH-IT.