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ECHA IT systems unstable

On 15-16 May, due to an infrastructure problem, our IT systems were unavailable. Our systems are now resumed, but many are still unstable and you might continue to face interruptions in using them. We are working to stabilise the systems as soon as possible and apologise for the inconvenience caused. Please check that your submission has been successfully uploaded.

New features in REACH-IT

- It is now possible to transfer multiple assignments at a time to another contact person. See how to do it under
Menu > Search > Contacts.

- When the PPORD expiry date passes, the PPORD notification status in REACH-IT will change to 'Expired'. It is not possible to submit an update to an expired PPORD notification, so please act on time if you plan to submit an update.

Check your REACH-IT account regularly

Once your REACH dossier has been submitted make sure that you regularly check:

  • The tasks section where you will receive important information that require and action from your side (invoice and invoice reminders related to your registration, TCC failures, etc.)
  • T he progress of your submission.

Make sure that the email indicated in the ‘Email notification settings’ of REACH-IT is up to date. A message will be sent to the provided address every time there is a new task in your REACH-IT account.

If you missed the deadline, bring yourself to compliance ASAP

31 May was the last chance to submit a registration for existing (phase-in) substances manufactured or imported at above one tonne per year. If the registration obligation applied to you and you did not submit your dossier by the last day of May, as of 1 June you can no longer manufacture or import your substance legally in the EU/EEA. If you missed the deadline and want to manufacture or import your phase-in substance legally in the EU/EEA you should bring yourself to compliance:

  • If you have pre-registered or inquired your phase-in substance, you can register it (until further notice you can still use the pre-registration number)
  • If you have not pre-registered or inquired your phase-in substance you need to submit an inquiry before registering it

If you submit your dossier after 31 May you will need to wait until you receive your registration number before manufacturing or importing above 1 tonne/year of your substance.

REACH-IT open 24/7

REACH-IT is now open 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.

There will be maintenance breaks every Monday morning from 7:00 to 10:00 (GMT +3). During this time you will not be able to access REACH-IT.

Adaptation of the searches in REACH-IT

In order to maintain the stable performance of REACH-IT the searches functionality has been revised.

For a result to be shown, from now on the user needs to define either a locate criteria or choose a filter when performing a search.

Searches of substances, invoices, messages and tasks have been excluded from this revision and maintain the usual behaviour of showing the results automatically without using any filter.

REACH-IT integrated help translated

The support material is now translated in your preferred EU language. You can change the help language by clicking on the user profile icon at the top of the REACH-IT landing page.


Check the ECHA Accounts manual for industry users. Section 3 is relevant for migrated accounts and section 4 will assist you in signing up for the first time.