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Resolved: Technical problems with export functionality

The problems with the export functionality have been solved.

In order to import the REACH-IT CSV files into Excel without formatting problems, we advise you to follow these steps:

    1.    Save the downloaded CSV file locally in your computer.
    2.    Open Excel, and in the "Data" tab select "Get Data -> From File -> From Text/CSV".
    3.    Go to the location of the CSV file that you want to import and select it.
    4.    The wizard will open. Set the “File Origin” (character encoding) to "65001: Unicode (UTF-8)" from the dropdown list.
    5.    Set the "Delimiter" type to "Semicolon" from the dropdown list.
    6.    Verify that the example data are correct and select "Load".

New features in REACH-IT

- Registrants will be informed with an automated REACH-IT message when ECHA has initiated a dossier evaluation process.

- Joint submission page is displaying the recipients of the current decision for each evaluation process.

- You will receive less messages in REACH-IT if your registration is revoked, invalid or annulled.

- Technological upgrades and bug fixes.