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New features in REACH-IT

Joint applications for authorisation are now entirely managed in REACH-IT.

Detailed instructions on how to submit a joint application will be available on the updated submission webpage for applications for authorisation at

Online dossier not to be used to submit new member registrations

The REACH-IT online dossier tool for preparing joint submission member registrations is not being updated with the latest IUCLID version. This may lead to completeness check failures, e.g. when preparing a dossier covering substances in the nanoform.

For new registrations, please consider using one of the other tools offered by the Agency, such as the maintenance-free IUCLID 6 Cloud.

Access the IUCLID Cloud application:

Rules for registration of phase-in substances clarified

The Commission has published the Implementing Regulation clarifying which conditions stipulated in REACH for phase-in substances will no longer apply and by when. Please see the news on ECHA website:

Our support pages have three new sections; have a look at them here:

-    You need to register before manufacturing or importing
-    Transitional period for phase-in substances
-    Practical advice about changes in registration

New version of IUCLID to support the Implementing Regulation has been published:

Check your REACH-IT account regularly

Once your REACH dossier has been submitted make sure that you regularly check:

  • The tasks section where you will receive important information that require and action from your side (invoice and invoice reminders related to your registration, TCC failures, etc.)
  • The progress of your submission.

Make sure that the email indicated in the ‘Email notification settings’ of REACH-IT is up to date. A message will be sent to the provided address every time there is a new task in your REACH-IT account.


Check the ECHA Accounts manual for signing up:

REACH-IT is open 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.

There will be maintenance breaks every Monday morning from 7:00 to 10:00 (GMT +3). During this time you will not be able to access REACH-IT.