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Rules for registration of phase-in substances clarified

The Commission has published the Implementing Regulation clarifying which conditions stipulated in REACH for phase-in substances will no longer apply and by when. Please see the news on ECHA website:

Our support pages have three new sections; have a look at them here:

-    You need to register before manufacturing or importing
-    Transitional period for phase-in substances
-    Practical advice about changes in registration

New version of IUCLID to support the Implementing Regulation has been published:


As of 1 July 2019, ECHA will change the bank account details indicated on all invoices under the REACH regulation. ECHA’s new house bank is ING Belgium NV. Please instruct your accounting department accordingly.

- Bank: ING Belgium, Avenue Marnix 24, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
- IBAN: BE93 3631 8789 1767

For more details on the topic, please refer to our Q&As:

Check your REACH-IT account regularly

Once your REACH dossier has been submitted make sure that you regularly check:

  • The tasks section where you will receive important information that require and action from your side (invoice and invoice reminders related to your registration, TCC failures, etc.)
  • The progress of your submission.

Make sure that the email indicated in the ‘Email notification settings’ of REACH-IT is up to date. A message will be sent to the provided address every time there is a new task in your REACH-IT account.


Check the ECHA Accounts manual for signing up:

REACH-IT is open 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.

There will be maintenance breaks every Monday morning from 7:00 to 10:00 (GMT +3). During this time you will not be able to access REACH-IT.