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New features in REACH-IT

This new release builds up ECHA’s capacity to deal with the incoming dossiers for the 31 May 2018 deadline to further assist you in successfully submitting your dossiers. Additionally you might find interesting:

  • More transparency in the joint submission page: All members will be able to have an overview of the data requirements (REACH Annexes VI-X) associated to each member’s last successful submission and an indication if they have opted out from the information submitted jointly in the lead dossier.
  • New online submission for downstream user notifications of authorised uses, reports for unsupported uses and substance in articles notifications, replacing the old web forms.
REACH-IT integrated help translated

The support material is now translated in your preferred EU language. You can change the help language by clicking on the user profile icon at the top of the REACH-IT landing page.

Do you experience unresponsiveness preparing and submitting online?

Users may experience problems when trying to submit a dossier or C&L notification online. If the system is not responding, please ensure that your computer clock exactly matches your local time. If the clock is not synchronised, the online wizard can freeze and you may not be able to complete your submission.


Check the ECHA Accounts manual for industry users. Section 3 is relevant for migrated accounts and section 4 will assist you in signing up for the first time.