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IUCLID 6 replacing REACH-IT online dossiers

In 2024 ECHA will decommission the REACH-IT online dossier preparation functionality for Downstream user notifications of authorised uses and C&L notifications. IUCLID 6 offered via the ECHA Cloud Services (IUCLID Cloud) will replace the REACH-IT online dossier functionalities.

In January 2024, the initial online dossier preparation will be disabled. You can continue updating your existing online notifications until April 2024. There is no deadline for you to transition from the REACH-IT online dossiers to IUCLID dossiers; you can submit and update your notifications using IUCLID following your own schedule. To prepare an update of your existing online notification using IUCLID, you can request to download your old online dossier from REACH-IT at any time and convert the dossier file to a dataset in IUCLID.

IUCLID 6 on ECHA Cloud Services is free of charge and always up to date. You can login to ECHA Cloud Services with the same credentials that you use for REACH-IT.